When it comes to large scale mining, reclamation and dredging, there is no comparison to our Nessie Models. In a class all its own, Nessie can make short work of even the large, arduous dredging operations. For over 25 years Keene Engineering has been committed to developing their Nessie models to be the State of the Art in full-size yet portable reclamation and mining dredges.

The Nessie 8DX has been hailed as 'The Dredge of the Future" and dubbed a World Class Dredge. The first real portable cutterhead Dredge has been designed for maximum productivity with minimal bulk. Just one look at Nessie and you can see that this is a Dredge in a class by itself.

The key to the 8DX's versatility is the wide variety of implements that can be easily interchanged. From a variety of harvesters, grapplers and cutterheads to choose from, there is virtually no project that the Nessie 8DX cannot handle. Be sure to look at our Nessie Implements Page for detailed information.

Take a look at some of the 8DX Features!

•"State of the Art Design" features rugged hull construction of unitized steel and fiberglass.

•Low Profile Design provides a low center of gravity for stability and less wind resistance. High Freeboard design provides efficient operation in areas with up to 2 foot wave action where other dredges could not function.

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A "Step Down" spacious, fully insulated control cabin sits below water level to provide better visibility while affording a quiet, weatherproof working environment for the operator.

•Easy to use "Joystick controls" to improve control of all dredging functions.•Water mobility is provided by a twin screw propulsion system which allows independent maneuverability.

•Heavy-duty, hydraulic 5-inch square spuds can be raised or lowered onto the deck with the ease of fingertip control. The "spuds" provide a solid working platform, eliminating any need for anchoring cables. This makes a one-man dredging operation possible.

•Achieve up to 50% solid content with our 42 inch bucket wheel cutterhead. Its hydraulic, automatic oscillation mode can cut up to a six foot wide trench for increased production.

•Stocked with a large solid handling pump, located at water level for fast and efficient priming. Capable of dredging up to 200 cubic yards per hour and delivering material up to 3000 feet away!

•Furnished with an eight wheel tandem trailer appointed with our hydraulic tilt mechanism, making it possible to launch or load with the ease of a small craft.

•Our recent trailer design also provides for superb stability, allowing unrestricted travel on most highways and roads.

•Nessie is designed to fit into ocean export containers for economical ocean freight transportation.


Nessie 8DX Leads The Way In Both Land And Water Mobility!

Nessie is now available with an amphibious conversion never before available with a conventional dredge!
The 8DX Amphibious is supported by 12 terra float tires, 6 of which have positive traction. 'New Bold On Amphibious Drive Train" makes it possible to traverse areas over land areas like bogs as well as shallow areas that are not normally accessible to conventional dredges. The new drive train can also be converted into a large transportation trailer that is capable of being towed by a small vehicle.
The transport trailer conversion can carry large amounts of dredge tubing and other necessary equipment required to facilitate a dredging operation. When fully assembled, its 13-foot, fully extended width can easily be shrunk to a legal trailer width by activation of the built in hydraulic cylinder.
Nessie's excavating multipurpose arm makes it possible to utilize a wide variety of optional attachments for most operations involved in marine maintenance, mining, construction, weed harvesting, debris removal, heavy clay dredging as well as deep dredging.
Contact us for more details or our full color brochure and video tape of "Nessie in Action". Video tales are available upon special request.

The Nessie 6DX is a cost effective, 6 inch portable reclamation dredge that is ideal for smaller projects and is equipped with many of the same features as on our larger production model.

This dredge can pump up to 2000 feet away with the 8 inch discharge dredge tubing that has the capacity of up to 100 cubic yards of solids per hour. It is powered by an economical 115 horsepower diesel engine.

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The heavy duty, submerged vortex, belt-driven pump is constructed of a 650 Briniel hardness steel for superior longevity. This pump is capable of moving solid material up to 6 inches in diameter while the cutterhead restricts the size of solids as large as 4 inches for continuous operation. The 30 inch Bucketwheel cutterhead can achieve up to 50 percent solid content with our efficient "bucketwheel" design.

The 6 inch Nessie 6DX must be equipped with optional lightweight, floating, 8 inch dredge tubing and couplings.

Our 6DX comes equipped with our new tandem trailer with built in winch for ease of launching and loading. Its new torsion bar axle suspension enables smooth and safe transportation on most highways and roads. The multifunction arm can dredge up to 18 feet in depth and accommodate a variety of work implements for most every marine maintenance project. Be sure to take a look at our extensive Implements page!

The control console of the 6DX provides complete ease of operation with fingertip and joystick controls. Even the four heavy-duty, large, folding hydraulic spuds are easily operated from the console. The spuds can also be folded onto the deck for transportation ease and maneuverability under low structures such as bridges. Overall, the spud controls are designed to make raising and lowering them a breeze.
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The Nessie 6DX can easily be a one-man dredging operation that is a cost effective alternative for smaller dredging and marine maintenance projects. The 6DX can be shipped in a 20 foot ocean container for economical exportation.

Want to see Nessie in action right now?
Download the "Nessie In Motion" full length video!

Previously only available on VHS and by special order, you can now view the full feature video of Nessie In Motion. See this amazing dredge in action and hear exactly what it has to offer you. Please be advised that although these files have been zipped, because of the length of this video and in order to preserve the best quality possible, the downloads are large in size. Make sure you select the format that is best suited to your needs:
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The above files are in (WMV) Windows Media format. You can obtain the Windows Media Player HERE. If you have problems downloading these files, please notify the Web Administrator immediately.

For more information on our Nessie Dredges, Contact us or call and ask for a Nessie Sales Representative at 1-800-392-GOLD.


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